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Dual Economy in Newspapers.

With the term \’Dual Economy\’ we can guess that it may deals with the finance or marketing related aspects especially what the word economy signifies. Since we are from the generation of e-papers and refers various websites to get updates of every single minutes about our surroundings and abroad anywhere […]

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OTTs & Its impact on Youths.

Its very obvious for our parents to mock at us by teasing that how we would prefer to start our day –taking a tooth brush in our hand or with the shitty Android smart phones; though for most of us the word shitty implying to our extraordinary smart gadget of […]

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The Upcoming Silent Pandemic – Obesity

  In Medical Science and Researches the term \’obesity\’ is none other than the silent pandemic . This is not just a statement rather we can call it a warning given by doctors, technically it means much more than to make common people (especially non-medicos) aware of the consequences that […]

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