Teachers During the Pandemic

Teachers during the pandemic The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has significantly affected all sectors including the education sector, the agriculture sector, the industrial sector, and our economy in its entirety. This unforeseen virus has single-handedly disrupted the entire world, from every country’s economy to everyone’s professional as well as […]

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Covid-19 struck us without a warning and left all educational institutions scrambling to respond to its urgencies. It has also created a need to creatively deal with such unforeseen and once-in-a-century catastrophic events that are being called the ‘new normal’. Educational institutions deserve appreciation for a quick response to the […]

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Can robot replace human teachers?

With the advent of technology we ofteb heard that robot should teach in the schools. But if we think about this, is it really possible or justifiable to replace human teachers by robots. I think NO. In a classroom the role of the teacher is not to just teach the […]

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