Write for Eduindex News

For those who want to write for Eduindex News
How to contribute?
Email your articles and letters only at  news@eduindex.org
and not on any other ID meant for news, advertisements, public notices
etc. Contributions received on these IDs won’t be entertained.
Length of the article, letter
Your article should preferably range from 700 to 1200 words. Longer the
article, longer it takes to get published and more difficult it is to
place the same within the given space. Letters in response to the
articles must be within 200 words. But contributors can respond to an
article in the form of an article also. The discretion lies with the
editor whether to use one’s response in Reflections or as a column. No
reasons are assigned about publishing or not publishing a particular
article or a letter.
Do we publish everything we receive?
We value and welcome everything but we don’t publish all we receive. On
any issue we get an unending response from our esteemed contributors.
Though we try to accommodate as much as we possibly can, still much goes
unpublished. Besides, to avoid the repetition of the content we are
bound to end the debate somewhere to let other equally important issues
find a place.
How long does it take an article or a letter to get published?
Depends on the topicality of the issue, availability of space and the
requirement of the layout. Sometimes articles are published sooner than
expected, sometimes they take longer than usual.
How to inquire about the status of your dispatch?
Just wait for fifteen days at least from the day you send it. It’s not
possible for us to acknowledge each mail we receive and to inform our
esteemed contributors about the probable date of publication. If it’s
not published within fifteen days chances of it getting published are
Can we confirm it on phone?
You need not. Since no definite reply can be sought on phone, there is no point calling.

Can we write for other newspapers?

Sure. Just one request. The article or letter sent to us must not be
simultaneously mailed to any other newspaper or magazine. You can write
for as many banners as you like, but to avoid the duplication of the
material we request you to wait. If your contribution doesn’t find a
place within  the stipulated fifteen days, you can send it anywhere you
like. Or if you want to mail it in between the days, we request you to
inform us.
Shall we receive our contributions back, if not published?
No. Contributors are requested to keep a copy of their article with
themselves as we are not responsible for mailing it or sending it back.